Wondering how you can get a better ranking in Google Search results?

SEO search optimization


One of the most important things you can do to boost your ranking is claim your Google Business Profile. If you haven’t already done this, make it the first step in your SEO project.

It’s also important that your website is optimized for Google search, loads quickly, and works well in all browsers and mobile devices.

You should add new content to your website on a regular basis and improve your Google Business Profile by adding new photos and current information about your business products and services.

All of these actions, working together, will help improve your search rankings. For more information about how search works, visit our blog page at AirdrieSEOExperts.com




On-site search optimization is included with every website build

google search optimization



When we build a new site for your business, we optimize your keywords and meta tags, to help improve your SEO score.


We verify your site with Google Search Console to ensure your website pages can be indexed by Google. This also allows us to monitor and optimize your search performance.


After the optimization process has been completed we will continue to monitor your Google ranking as part of our 90-day Followup Plan.





SEO Boost

This package is intended for sites that were built in the past few years and have not had any additional SEO work completed on their website.

We do a site audit and fixup any technical issues that may be preventing Google from indexing your site. This is followed by a keyword audit to see if we’re missing any important keywords or search terms.

Pricing for the SEO Refresh starts at $795 for a basic site with one primary service or product offering.

SEO Monitoring

This is an ongoing monthly plan designed to maintain your Google ranking and is intended for sites that have recently been optimized.

We monitor your Google accounts, fix any issues with Google Search Console, and make minor adjustments to your meta tags, to ensure your site continues to comply with Google’s changing algorithm.

Add this valuable service to your current Website Care Plan for only $25 per month.

Google Business Startup Pack

This is a startup package intended for those who have not yet optimized their Google Business profile or property.

We update the information in your Google Business profile, including logo, contact info, hours of operation, and details about your products and services. We will also add your photos, videos and post about your business 3 times.

This is a flat rate of $795. If you have not yet claimed your Google Business property, add $150. 

Google Business Updates

This is an ongoing monthly plan designed to maintain your current Google ranking and is intended for Google Business profiles that have recently been optimized.

We do this in the same way that we would manage a Facebook page, by posting new photos, videos, and/or other promotions to your Google Business page. This keeps your profile active and your search rankings on top.

This is a monthly fee of $150 and includes one post per month.