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Proactive management of your website security provides peace of mind and protects your website investment.

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Like anything else in the digital world, a website needs regular maintenance to ensure it continues to work properly. Websites that are serviced on a regular basis load faster and perform better with less downtime. Your site is also more likely to maintain its Google ranking and less likely to get hacked.


The average website is attacked multiple times per day by automated bots that scan your website for weaknesses. We secure your site with a firewall and monitor for security issues on an ongoing basis.


The software that powers your website is continually being improved and needs ongoing adjustments to maintain optimal performance. In addition to completing these updates on a regular basis, we take care of the security patches, bug fixes, and daily backups.



Here’s a list of what’s included in our Basic Website Care Plan

This is our basic maintenance plan for all WordPress websites and includes the following essential services:

Web Hosting

Premium web hosting ensures your website functions at the highest level keeping your customers happy and engaged.

SSL Secure Padlock

Your website will display a security certificate or padlock, which ensures that your visitors data is encrypted from their browser to your server.

Secure Server with Firewall

Your website is protected with firewalls, server monitoring, and an IP blocker to prevent hackers from accessing your website.

Uptime Monitoring

If your site goes down, we are usually the first ones to find out and can begin the troubleshooting process to get your site back online as soon as possible.

Daily Backups

Your site and its data is backed up every night on a secure cloud server so your site can be restored quickly if anything goes wrong.

Ongoing Software Updates

The WordPress software used to build your website is like any other digital program and requires regular updates.

In-House Software

Licenses for our premium in-house software are included with your Website Care Plan.

Account Maintenance

We review and pay invoices on your behalf for domain registrations, hosting services, SSL certificates, and software licenses.

Priority Service

Ensures your service requests are handled in a quick and efficient manner, with an initial response time goal of 4 hours on weekdays.

VIP Rates

All customers subscribed to Premium Website Care Plans enjoy reduced rates for consulting services, content updates, and website development projects.


Website Care Plan – Terms of Service






This is our basic maintenance plan and includes everything you need to keep your site in tip top shape.


Pay Quarterly X $215


Pay Full Year X $795



Website Hosting
Secure SSL Padlock
Security Firewall
Uptime Monitoring
Daily Backups
Software Updates
Account Maintenance
Weekly Site Checks
Priority Service
VIP Rates


For sites with premium software or interactive features including inquiry forms, social media feeds, or custom editing tools.


Pay Quarterly X $275


Pay Full Year X $995



Everything in our Basic Plan

Premium Software
Maintenance & Support

Note: Licensing fees for premium software are not included in the monthly maintenance plan and will be invoiced separately.



For sites with custom needs or specialized maintenance requirements.

Starting at



Everything in our Basic Plan

Your Custom Plan may include one or more of the following services:

  • Posting photos and other info about your company on Google Business pages
  • Managing your Google Ads account
  • Monitoring your Google Search rankings
  • Adding new photos to your website
  • Editing content for blog posts


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